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AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Dumps

Question #171

To include objects defined by the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) in an AWS CloudFormation template, in addition to Resources, what section MUST be included in the document root?

  • A. Conditions
  • B. Globals
  • C. Transform
  • D. Properties

Correct Answer: D

Question #172

A company is using Amazon RDS MySQL instances for its application database tier and Apache Tomcat servers for its web tier. Most of the database queries from web applications are repeated read requests.
Use of which AWS service would increase in performance by adding in-memory store for repeated read queries?

  • A. Amazon RDS Multi-AZ
  • B. Amazon SQS
  • C. Amazon ElastiCache
  • D. Amazon RDS read replica

Correct Answer: A

Question #173

A Developer is investigating an issue whereby certain requests are passing through an Amazon API Gateway endpoint /MyAPI, but the requests do not reach the
AWS Lambda function backing /MyAPI. The Developer found that a second Lambda function sometimes runs at maximum concurrency allowed for the given AWS account.
How can the Developer address this issue?

  • A. Manually reduce the concurrent execution limit at the account level
  • B. Add another API Gateway stage for /MyAPI, and shard the requests
  • C. Configure the second Lambda function’s concurrency execution limit
  • D. Reduce the throttling limits in the API Gateway /MyAPI endpoint C

Correct Answer: Explanation

Question #174

A Developer must analyze performance issues with production-distributed applications written as AWS Lambda functions. These distributed Lambda applications invoke other components that make up the applications.
How should the Developer identify and troubleshoot the root cause of the performance issues in production?

  • A. Add logging statements to the Lambda functions, then use Amazon CloudWatch to view the logs.
  • B. Use AWS Cloud Trail and then examine the logs
  • C. Use AWS X-Ray, then examine the segments and errors
  • D. Run Amazon Inspector agents and then analyze performance

Correct Answer: C

Question #175

A Developer wants to debug an application by searching and filtering log data. The application logs are stored in Amazon CloudWatch Logs. The Developer creates a new metric filter to count exceptions in the application logs. However, no results are returned from the logs.
What is the reason that no filtered results are being returned?

  • A. A setup of the Amazon CloudWatch interface VPC endpoint is required for filtering the CloudWatch Logs in the VPC
  • B. CloudWatch Logs only publishes metric data for events that happen after the filter is created
  • C. The log group for CloudWatch Logs should be first streamed to Amazon Elasticsearch Service before metric filtering returns the results
  • D. Metric data points for logs groups can be filtered only after they are exported to an Amazon S3 bucket

Correct Answer: B

Question #176

An e-commerce web application that shares session state on-premises is being migrated to AWS. The application must be fault tolerant, natively highly scalable, and any service interruption should not affect the user experience.
What is the best option to store the session state?

  • A. Store the session state in Amazon ElastiCache
  • B. Store the session state in Amazon CloudFront
  • C. Store the session state in Amazon S3
  • D. Enable session stickiness using elastic load balancers

Correct Answer: A

Question #177

A Developer is creating a template that uses AWS CloudFormation to deploy an application. This application is serverless and uses Amazon API Gateway,
Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Lambda.
Which tool should the Developer use to define simplified syntax for expressing serverless resources?

  • A. CloudFormation serverless intrinsic functions
  • B. AWS serverless express
  • C. An AWS serverless application model
  • D. A CloudFormation serverless plugin

Correct Answer: C

Question #178

A Developer has a stateful web server on-premises that is being migrated to AWS. The Developer must have greater elasticity in the new design.
How should the Developer re-factor the application to make it more elastic? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use pessimistic concurrency on Amazon DynamoDB
  • B. Use Amazon CloudFront with an Auto Scaling group
  • C. Use Amazon CloudFront with an AWS Web Application Firewall
  • D. Store session state data in an Amazon DynamoDB table
  • E. Use an ELB with an Auto Scaling group

Correct Answer: DE

Question #179

A company needs to distribute firmware updates to its customers around the world.
Which service will allow easy and secure control of the access to the downloads at the lowest cost?

  • A. Use Amazon CloudFront with signed URLs for Amazon S3
  • B. Create a dedicated Amazon CloudFront Distribution for each customer
  • C. Use Amazon CloudFront with AWS Lambda@Edge
  • D. Use Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda to control access to an S3 bucket

Correct Answer: A

Question #180

A company is running an application built on AWS Lambda functions. One Lambda function has performance issues when it has to download a 50MB file from the
Internet in every execution. This function is called multiple times a second.
What solution would give the BEST performance increase?

  • A. Cache the file in the /tmp directory
  • B. Increase the Lambda maximum execution time
  • C. Put an Elastic Load Balancer in front of the Lambda function
  • D. Cache the file in Amazon S3 D

Correct Answer: Explanation

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