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AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Dumps

Question #81

After installing the AWS CLI, a Developer tries to run the command aws configure but receives the following error:

Error: aws: command not found –
What is the most likely cause of this error?

  • A. The aws executable is not in the PATH environment variable.
  • B. Access to the aws executable has been denied to the installer.
  • C. Incorrect AWS credentials were provided.
  • D. The aws script does not have an executable file mode.

Correct Answer: D

Question #82

An on-premises legacy application is caching data files locally and writing shared images to local disks.
What is necessary to allow for horizontal scaling when migrating the application to AWS?

  • A. Modify the application to have both shared images and caching data written to Amazon EBS.
  • B. Modify the application to read and write cache data on Amazon S3, and also store shared images on S3.
  • C. Modify the application to use Amazon S3 for serving shared images; cache data can then be written to local disks.
  • D. Modify the application to read and write cache data on Amazon S3, while continuing to write shared images to local disks.

Correct Answer: B

Question #83

A Developer must trigger an AWS Lambda function based on the item lifecycle activity in an Amazon DynamoDB table.
How can the Developer create the solution?

  • A. Enable a DynamoDB stream that publishes an Amazon SNS message. Trigger the Lambda function synchronously from the SNS message.
  • B. Enable a DynamoDB stream that publishes an SNS message. Trigger the Lambda function asynchronously from the SNS message.
  • C. Enable a DynamoDB stream, and trigger the Lambda function synchronously from the stream.
  • D. Enable a DynamoDB stream, and trigger the Lambda function asynchronously from the stream.

Correct Answer: C

Question #84

A gaming company is developing a mobile game application for iOS® and Android® platforms. This mobile game securely stores user data locally on the device.
The company wants to allow users to use multiple device for the game, which requires user data synchronization across device.
Which service should be used to synchronize user data across devices without the need to create a backend application?

  • A. AWS Lambda
  • B. Amazon S3
  • C. Amazon DynamoDB
  • D. Amazon Cognito

Correct Answer: D

Question #85

An on-premises application is implemented using a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) stack. The Developer wants to run this application in AWS.
Which of the following sets of AWS services can be used to run this stack?

  • A. Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3
  • B. AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB
  • C. Amazon EC2, Amazon Aurora
  • D. Amazon Cognito, Amazon RDS
  • E. Amazon ECS, Amazon EBS

Correct Answer: C

Question #86

An application displays a status dashboard. The status is updated by 1 KB messages from an SQS queue. Although the status changes infrequently, the
Developer must minimize the time between the message arrival in the queue and the dashboard update.
What technique provides the shortest delay in updating the dashboard?

  • A. Retrieve the messages from the queue using long polling every 20 seconds.
  • B. Reduce the size of the messages by compressing them before sending.
  • C. Retrieve the messages from the queue using short polling every 10 seconds.
  • D. Reduce the size of each message payload by sending it in two parts. A

Correct Answer: Explanation

Question #87

A company is using AWS CodePipeline to deliver one of its applications. The delivery pipeline is triggered by changes to the master branch of an AWS
CodeCommit repository and uses AWS CodeBuild to implement the test and build stages of the process and AWS CodeDeploy to deploy the application.
The pipeline has been operating successfully for several months and there have been no modifications. Following a recent change to the application’s source code, AWS CodeDeploy has not deployed the updates application as expected.
What are the possible causes? (Choose two.)

  • A. The change was not made in the master branch of the AWS CodeCommit repository.
  • B. One of the earlier stages in the pipeline failed and the pipeline has terminated.
  • C. One of the Amazon EC2 instances in the company’s AWS CodePipeline cluster is inactive.
  • D. The AWS CodePipeline is incorrectly configured and is not executing AWS CodeDeploy.
  • E. AWS CodePipeline does not have permissions to access AWS CodeCommit.

Correct Answer: BC

Question #88

A social media company is using Amazon Cognito in order to synchronize profiles across different mobile devices, to enable end users to have a seamless experience.
Which of the following configurations can be used to silently notify users whenever an update is available on all other devices?

  • A. Modify the user pool to include all the devices which keep them in sync.
  • B. Use the SyncCallback interface to receive notifications on the application.
  • C. Use an Amazon Cognito stream to analyze the data and push the notifications.
  • D. Use the push synchronization feature with the appropriate IAM role.

Correct Answer: C

Question #89

A website’s page load times are gradually increasing as more users access the system at the same time. Analysis indicates that a user profile is being loaded from a database in all the web pages being visited by each user and this is increasing the database load and the page load latency. To address this issue the
Developer decides to cache the user profile data.
Which caching strategy will address this situation MOST efficiently?

  • A. Create a new Amazon EC2 Instance and run a NoSQL database on it. Cache the profile data within this database using the write-through caching strategy.
  • B. Create an Amazon ElastiCache cluster to cache the user profile data. Use a cache-aside caching strategy.
  • C. Use a dedicated Amazon RDS instance for caching profile data. Use a write-through caching strategy.
  • D. Create an ElastiCache cluster to cache the user profile data. Use a write-through caching strategy.

Correct Answer: B

Question #90

An application needs to use the IP address of the client in its processing. The application has been moved into AWS and has been placed behind an Application
Load Balancer (ALB). However, all the client IP addresses now appear to be the same. The application must maintain the ability to scale horizontally.
Based on this scenario, what is the MOST cost-effective solution to this problem?

  • A. Remove the application from the ALB. Delete the ALB and change Amazon Route 53 to direct traffic to the instance running the application.
  • B. Remove the application from the ALB. Create a Classic Load Balancer in its place. Direct traffic to the application using the HTTP protocol.
  • C. Alter the application code to inspect the X-Forwarded-For header. Ensure that the code can work properly if a list of IP addresses is passed in the header.
  • D. Alter the application code to inspect a custom header. Alter the client code to pass the IP address in the custom header.

Correct Answer: C

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