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AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Dumps

Question #151

A Development team currently supports an application that uses an in-memory store to save accumulated game results. Individual results are stored in a database. As part of migrating to AWS, the team needs to use automatic scaling. The team knows this will yield inconsistent results.
Where should the team store these accumulated game results to BEST allow for consistent results without impacting performance?

  • A. Amazon S3
  • B. Amazon RDS
  • C. Amazon ElastiCache
  • D. Amazon Kinesis C

Correct Answer: Explanation

Question #152

In a multi-container Docker environment in AWS Elastic Beanstalk, what is required to configure container instances in the environment?

  • A. An Amazon ECS task definition
  • B. An Amazon ECS cluster
  • C. A Docker in an application package
  • D. A CLI for Elastic Beanstalk

Correct Answer: A

Question #153

An application that runs on an Amazon EC2 instance needs to access and make API calls to multiple AWS services.
What is the MOST secure way to provide access to the AWS services with MINIMAL management overhead?

  • A. Use AWS KMS to store and retrieve credentials.
  • B. Use EC2 instance profiles.
  • C. Use AWS root user to make requests to the application.
  • D. Store and retrieve credentials from AWS CodeCommit.

Correct Answer: C

Question #154

A company is creating an application that will require users to access AWS services and allow them to reset their own passwords.
Which of the following would allow the company to manage users and authorization while allowing users to reset their own passwords?

  • A. Amazon Cognito identify pools and AWS STS
  • B. Amazon Cognito identity pools and AWS IAM
  • C. Amazon Cognito user pools and AWS KMS
  • D. Amazon Cognito user pools and identity pools

Correct Answer: B

Question #155

A company has three different environments: Development, QA, and Production. The company wants to deploy its code first in the Development environment, then QA, and then Production.
Which AWS service can be used to meet this requirement?

  • A. Use AWS CodeCommit to create multiple repositories to deploy the application.
  • B. Use AWS CodeBuild to create, configure, and deploy multiple build application projects.
  • C. Use AWS Data Pipeline to create multiple data pipeline provisions to deploy the application.
  • D. Use AWS CodeDeploy to create multiple deployment groups. C

Correct Answer: Explanation

Question #156

A company uses Amazon DynamoDB for managing and tracking orders. The DynamoDB table is partitioned based on the order date. The company receives a huge increase in orders during a sales event, causing DynamoDB writes to throttle, and the consumed throughput is far below the provisioned throughput.
According to AWS best practices, how can this issue be resolved with MINIMAL costs?

  • A. Create a new DynamoDB table for every order date.
  • B. Increase the read and write capacity units of the DynamoDB table.
  • C. Add a random number suffix to the partition key values.
  • D. Add a global secondary index to the DynamoDB table.

Correct Answer: B

Question #157

A company is providing services to many downstream consumers. Each consumer may connect to one or more services. This has resulted in a complex architecture that is difficult to manage and does not scale well. The company needs a single interface to manage these services to consumers.
Which AWS service should be used to refactor this architecture?

  • A. AWS Lambda
  • B. AWS X-Ray
  • C. Amazon SQS
  • D. Amazon API Gateway

Correct Answer: D

Question #158

A Developer is creating a serverless website with content that includes HTML files, images, videos, and JavaScript (client-side scripts).
Which combination of services should the Developer use to create the website?

  • A. Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront
  • B. Amazon EC2 and Amazon ElastiCache
  • C. Amazon ECS and Redis
  • D. AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway

Correct Answer: A

Question #159

A Development team has pushed out 10 applications running on several Amazon EC2 instances. The Operations team is asking for a graphical representation of one key performance metric for each application. These metrics should be available on one screen for easy monitoring.
Which steps should the Developer take to accomplish this using Amazon CloudWatch?

  • A. Create a custom namespace with a unique metric name for each application.
  • B. Create a custom dimension with a unique metric name for each application.
  • C. Create a custom event with a unique metric name for each application.
  • D. Create a custom alarm with a unique metric name for each application.

Correct Answer: B

Question #160

A Developer wants access to make the log data of an application running on an EC2 instance available to systems administrators.
Which of the following enables monitoring of this metric in Amazon CloudWatch?

  • A. Retrieve the log data from CloudWatch using the GetMetricData API call
  • B. Retrieve the log data from AWS CloudTrail using the LookupEvents API call.
  • C. Launch a new EC2 instance, configure Amazon CloudWatch Events, and then install the application.
  • D. Install the Amazon CloudWatch Logs agent on the EC2 instance that the application is running on.

Correct Answer: D

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