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AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Dumps

Question #61

An application overwrites an object in Amazon S3, and then immediately reads the same object. Why would the application sometimes retrieve the old version of the object?

  • A. S3 overwrite PUTS are eventually consistent, so the application may read the old object.
  • B. The application needs to add extra metadata to label the latest version when uploading to Amazon S3.
  • C. All S3 PUTS are eventually consistent, so the application may read the old object.
  • D. The application needs to explicitly specify latest version when retrieving the object.

Correct Answer: A

Question #62

The release process workflow of an application requires a manual approval before the code is deployed into the production environment.
What is the BEST way to achieve this using AWS CodePipeline?

  • A. Use multiple pipelines to allow approval
  • B. Use an approval action in a stage
  • C. Disable the stage transition to allow manual approval
  • D. Disable a stage just prior the deployment stage

Correct Answer: B


Question #63

Where should the appspec.yml file be placed in order for AWS CodeDeploy to work?

  • A. In the root of the application source code directory structure
  • B. In the bin folder along with all the complied code
  • C. In an S3 bucket
  • D. In the same folder as the application configuration files

Correct Answer: A

Question #64

An existing serverless application processes uploaded image files. The process currently uses a single Lambda function that takes an image file, performs the processing, and stores the file in Amazon S3. Users of the application now require thumbnail generation of the images. Users want to avoid any impact to the time it takes to perform the image uploads.
How can thumbnail generation be added to the application, meeting user requirements while minimizing changes to existing code?

  • A. Change the existing Lambda function handling the uploads to create thumbnails at the time of upload. Have the function store both the image and thumbnail in Amazon S3.
  • B. Create a second Lambda function that handles thumbnail generation and storage. Change the existing Lambda function to invoke it asynchronously.
  • C. Create an S3 event notification with a Lambda function destination. Create a new Lambda function to generate and store thumbnails.
  • D. Create an S3 event notification to an SQS Queue. Create a scheduled Lambda function that processes the queue, and generates and stores thumbnails.

Correct Answer: C

Question #65

A Developer must re-implement the business logic for an order fulfilment system. The business logic has to make requests to multiple vendors to decide where to purchase an item. The whole process can take up to a week to complete.
What is the MOST efficient and SIMPLEST way to implement a system that meets these requirements?

  • A. Use AWS Step Functions to execute parallel Lambda functions, and join the results.
  • B. Create an AWS SQS for each vendor, poll the queue from a worker instance, and joint the results.
  • C. Use AWS Lambda to asynchronously call a Lambda function for each vendor, and join the results.
  • D. Use Amazon CloudWatch Events to orchestrate the Lambda functions.

Correct Answer: A

Question #66

A customer wants to deploy its source code on an AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment. The customer needs to perform deployment with minimal outage and should only use existing instances to retain application access log.
What deployment policy would satisfy these requirements?

  • A. Rolling
  • B. All at once
  • C. Rolling with an additional batch
  • D. Immutable

Correct Answer: A

Question #67

A Developer has been asked to build a real-time dashboard web application to visualize the key prefixes and storage size of objects in Amazon S3 buckets.
Amazon DynamoDB will be used to store the Amazon S3 metadata.
What is the optimal and MOST cost-effective design to ensure that the real-time dashboard is kept up to date with the state of the objects in the Amazon S3 buckets?

  • A. Use an Amazon CloudWatch event backed by an AWS Lambda function. Issue an Amazon S3 API call to get a list of all Amazon S3 objects and persist the metadata within DynamoDB. Have the web application poll the DynamoDB table to reflect this change.
  • B. Use Amazon S3 Event Notification backed by a Lambda function to persist the metadata into DynamoDB. Have the web application poll the DynamoDB table to reflect this change.
  • C. Run a cron job within an Amazon EC2 instance to list all objects within Amazon S3 and persist the metadata into DynamoDB. Have the web application poll the DynamoDB table to reflect this change.
  • D. Create a new Amazon EMR cluster to get all the metadata about Amazon S3 objects; persist the metadata into DynamoDB. Have the web application poll the DynamoDB table to reflect this change.

Correct Answer: B

Question #68

A Developer must repeatedly and consistently deploy a serverless RESTful API on AWS.
Which techniques will work? (Choose two.)

  • A. Define a Swagger file. Use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy the Swagger file.
  • B. Define a Swagger file. Use AWS CodeDeploy to deploy the Swagger file.
  • C. Deploy a SAM template with an inline Swagger definition.
  • D. Define a Swagger file. Deploy a SAM template that references the Swagger file.
  • E. Define an inline Swagger definition in a Lambda function. Invoke the Lambda function.

Correct Answer: CD


Question #69

A set of APIs are exposed to customers using the Amazon API Gateway. These APIs have caching enabled on the API Gateway. Customers have asked for an option to invalidate this cache for each of the APIs.
What action can be taken to allow API customers to invalidate the API Cache?

  • A. Ask customers to use AWS credentials to call the InvalidateCache API.
  • B. Ask customers to invoke an AWS API endpoint which invalidates the cache.
  • C. Ask customers to pass an HTTP header called Cache-Control:max-age=0.
  • D. Ask customers to add a query string parameter called “INVALIDATE_CACHE” when making an API call.

Correct Answer: C


Question #70

A Developer uses AWS CodeDeploy to automate application deployment that connects to an external MySQL database. The Developer wants to securely access the encrypted secrets, such as API keys and database passwords.
Which of the following solutions would involve the LEAST administrative effort?

  • A. Save the secrets in Amazon S3 with AWS KMS server-side encryption, and use a signed URL to access them by using the IAM role from Amazon EC2 instances.
  • B. Use the instance metadata to store the secrets and to programmatically access the secrets from EC2 instances.
  • C. Use the Amazon DynamoDB client-side encryption library to save the secrets in DynamoDB and to programmatically access the secrets from EC2 instances.
  • D. Use AWS SSM Parameter Store to store the secrets and to programmatically access them by using the IAM role from EC2 instances.

Correct Answer: D


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