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AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Dumps

Question #141

A Developer has been asked to make changes to the source code of an AWS Lambda function. The function is managed using an AWS CloudFormation template. The template is configured to load the source code from an Amazon S3 bucket. The Developer manually created a .ZIP file deployment package containing the changes and put the file into the correct location on Amazon S3. When the function is invoked, the code changes have not been applied.
What step is required to update the function with the changes?

  • A. Delete the .ZIP file on S3, and re-upload by using a different object key name.
  • B. Update the CloudFormation stack with the correct values for the function code properties S3Bucket, S3Key, or S3ObjectVersion.
  • C. Ensure that the function source code is base64-encoded before uploading the deployment package to S3.
  • D. Modify the execution role of the Lambda function to allow S3 access permission to the deployment package .ZIP file.

Correct Answer: D

Question #142

A Developer needs to design an application running on AWS that will be used to consume Amazon SQS messages that range from 1 KB up to 1GB in size.
How should the Amazon SQS messages be managed?

  • A. Use Amazon S3 and the Amazon SQS CLI.
  • B. Use Amazon S3 and the Amazon SQS Extended Client Library for Java.
  • C. Use Amazon EBS and the Amazon SQS CLI.
  • D. Use Amazon EFS and the Amazon SQS CLI.

Correct Answer: B

Question #143

A company is developing an application that will run on several Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group and can access a database running on Amazon
EC2. The application needs to store secrets required to connect to the database. The application must allow for periodic secret rotation, and there should be no changes to the application when a secret changes.
What is the SAFEST way to meet these requirements?

  • A. Associate an IAM role to the EC2 instance where the application is running with permission to access the database.
  • B. Use AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store with the SecureString data type to store secrets.
  • C. Configure the application to store secrets in Amazon S3 object metadata.
  • D. Hard code the database secrets in the application code itself. A

Correct Answer: Explanation

Question #144

A Developer writes an AWS Lambda function and uploads the code in a .ZIP file to Amazon S3. The Developer makes changes to the code and uploads a new
.ZIP file to Amazon S3. However, Lambda executes the earlier code.
How can the Developer fix this in the LEAST disruptive way?

  • A. Create another Lambda function and specify the new .ZIP file.
  • B. Call the update-function-code API.
  • C. Remove the earlier .ZIP file first, then add the new .ZIP file.
  • D. Call the create-alias API. B

Correct Answer: Explanation

Question #145

An AWS Lambda function must read data from an Amazon RDS MySQL database in a VPC and also reach a public endpoint over the internet to get additional data.
Which steps must be taken to allow the function to access both the RDS resource and the public endpoint? (Select TWO.)

  • A. Modify the default configuration for the Lambda function to associate it with an Amazon VPC private subnet.
  • B. Modify the default network access control list to allow outbound traffic.
  • C. Add a NAT Gateway to the VPC.
  • D. Modify the default configuration of the Lambda function to associate it with a VPC public subnet.
  • E. Add an environmental variable to the Lambda function to allow outbound internet access.

Correct Answer: AC

Question #146

A Developer must build an application that uses Amazon DynamoDB. The requirements state that items being stored in the DynamoDB table will be 7KB in size and that reads must be strongly consistent. The maximum read rate is 3 items per second, and the maximum write rate is 10 items per second.
How should the Developer size the DynamoDB table to meet these requirements?

  • A. Read: 3 read capacity units Write: 70 write capacity units
  • B. Read: 6 read capacity units Write: 70 write capacity units
  • C. Read: 6 read capacity units Write: 10 write capacity units
  • D. Read: 3 read capacity units Write: 10 write capacity units

Correct Answer: B

Question #147

A Developer is creating an AWS Lambda function to process a stream of data from an Amazon Kinesis Data Stream. When the Lambda function parses the data and encounters a missing field, it exits the function with an error. The function is generating duplicate records from the Kinesis stream. When the Developer looks at the stream output without the Lambda function, there are no duplicate records.
What is the reason for the duplicates?

  • A. The Lambda function did not advance the Kinesis stream pointer to the next record after the error.
  • B. The Lambda event source used asynchronous invocation, resulting in duplicate records.
  • C. The Lambda function did not handle the error, and the Lambda service attempted to reprocess the data.
  • D. The Lambda function is not keeping up with the amount of data coming from the stream.

Correct Answer: A

Question #148

A company maintains an application responsible for processing several thousand external callbacks each day. The company’s System administrators want to know how many callbacks are being received on a rolling basis, and they want this data available for 10 days.
The company also wants the ability to issue automated alerts if the number of callbacks exceeds the defined thresholds.
What is the MOST cost-effective way to address the need to track and alert on these statistics?

  • A. Push callback data to an Amazon RDS database that can be queried to show historical data and to alert on exceeded thresholds.
  • B. Push callback data to AWS X-Ray and use AWS Lambda to query, display, and alert on exceeded thresholds.
  • C. Push callback data to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and invoke an AWS Lambda function that stores data in Amazon DynamoDB and sends the required alerts.
  • D. Push callback data to Amazon CloudWatch as a custom metric and use the CloudWatch alerting mechanisms to alert System Administrators. C

Correct Answer: Explanation

Question #149

A company has a website that is developed in PHP and WordPress and is launched using AWS Elastic Beanstalk. There is a new version of the website that needs to be deployed in the Elastic Beanstalk environment. The company cannot tolerate having the website offline if an update fails. Deployments must have minimal impact and rollback as soon as possible.
What deployment method should be used?

  • A. All at once
  • B. Rolling
  • C. Snapshots
  • D. Immutable

Correct Answer: D

Question #150

A company has a multi-tiered web application on AWS. During a recent spike in traffic, one of the primary relational databases on Amazon RDS could not serve all the traffic. Some read queries for repeatedly accessed items failed, so users received error messages.
What can be done to minimize the impact on database read queries MOST efficiently during future traffic spikes?

  • A. Use Amazon S3 to cache database query results.
  • B. Use Amazon RDS as a custom origin for Amazon CloudFront.
  • C. Use local storage and memory on Amazon EC2 instances to cache data.
  • D. Use Amazon ElastiCache in front of the primary database to cache data.

Correct Answer: B

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