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AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification Exam Dumps

Question #36

You have decided to change the Instance type for instances running in your application tier that are using Auto
In which area below would you change the instance type definition?

  • A. Auto Scaling launch configuration
  • B. Auto Scaling group
  • C. Auto Scaling policy
  • D. Auto Scaling tags

Correct Answer: A
http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AutoScaling/latest/DeveloperGuide/WhatIsAutoScaling.htmlQuestion #37

You are attempting to connect to an instance in Amazon VPC without success. You have already verified that the VPC has an Internet Gateway (IGW) the instance has an associated Elastic IP (EIP) and correct security group rules are in place.
Which VPC component should you evaluate next?

  • A. The configuration of a NAT instance
  • B. The configuration of the Routing Table
  • C. The configuration of the internet Gateway (IGW)
  • D. The configuration of SRC/DST checking

Correct Answer: B
http://docs.aws.amazon.com/ElasticLoadBalancing/latest/DeveloperGuide/UserScenariosForVPC.htmlQuestion #38

You are tasked with the migration of a highly trafficked Node JS application to AWS in order to comply with organizational standards Chef recipes must be used to configure the application servers that host this application and to support application lifecycle events.
Which deployment option meets these requirements while minimizing the administrative burden?

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  • A. Create a new stack within Opsworks add the appropriate layers to the stack and deploy the application
  • B. Create a new application within Elastic Beanstalk and deploy this application to a new environment
  • C. Launch a Mode JS server from a community AMI and manually deploy the application to the launched EC2 instance
  • D. Launch and configure Chef Server on an EC2 instance and leverage the AWS CLI to launch an application

Correct Answer: A
OpsWorks has integrated support for Chef and lifecycle events. http://docs.aws.amazon.com/opsworks/latest/userguide/workingcookbook.html

Question #39

You have been asked to automate many routine systems administrator backup and recovery activities. Your current plan is to leverage AWS-managed solutions as much as possible and automate the rest with the AWS
CLI and scripts.
Which task would be best accomplished with a script?

  • A. Creating daily EBS snapshots with a monthly rotation of snapshots
  • B. Creating daily RDS snapshots with a monthly rotation of snapshots
  • C. Automatically detect and stop unused or underutilized EC2 instances
  • D. Automatically add Auto Scaled EC2 instances to an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
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Correct Answer: A

Question #40

Your organization’s security policy requires that all privileged users either use frequently rotated passwords or one-time access credentials in addition to username/password.
Which two of the following options would allow an organization to enforce this policy for AWS users? (Choose two.)

  • A. Configure multi-factor authentication for privileged 1AM users
  • B. Create 1AM users for privileged accounts
  • C. Implement identity federation between your organization’s Identity provider leveraging the 1AM Security Token Service
  • D. Enable the 1AM single-use password policy option for privileged users

Correct Answer: AB

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