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Popular Programming Languages and their Creators

Popular Programming Languages and their Creators - myTechMint

Programming languages have contributed massively to most of the developments the human race has accomplished in this century. It is always interesting to know about the creation, history, and creators of these programming languages.

The following are some of the top programming languages and the people who created them.

1. Java

Java was ranked as the most popular programming language in 2017. Java was created by James Gosling, an established computer scientist from Canada. Gosling created Java in the year 1994. Java was created with the intent to use it in interactive television but it turned out too advanced. The latest version of Java is Java 10 which was released on March 20, 2018.

2. Ruby

Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro Matsumoto is credited as the lead creator of Ruby programming language. The first version of Ruby was released back in 1995. Up to this day, Matsumoto is still the chief designer of Ruby’s reference implementation. Matsumoto created Ruby with an intention of creating a language that was truly object-oriented.

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3. Python

The Python programming language was invented by Guido van Rossum who is a programmer from the Netherlands. The 62-year-old continues to oversee and make major decisions on Python’s development. Python was released in the year 1991 but the idea of such a programming language began around 1989.

4. JavaScript

Successful technologist Brendan Eich is the creator of Javascript programming language. The American developed JavaScript in the mid-90s and the first version was completed in a remarkable 10 days. The language is used in the making of most websites.

5. R

R is a programming language which was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. R can be termed as the much-advanced combination of S language and lexical scoping drawn from Scheme. The name “R” is derived from the names of the lead developers of this programming language.

6. Pascal

Pascal programming language was created by Niklaus Wirth, a successful computer scientist from Switzerland. Niklaus Wirth who was born in 1934 named this programming language “Pascal” in honor of the great French mathematician Blaise Pascal. The language was initially created to be used for teaching and simplifying concepts.

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7. PHP

Programmer Rasmus Lerdorf is credited as the creator of PHP or Hypertext Processor programming language. Lerdorf aged 49 is a Canadian-Danish citizen. developed the language back in 1994. In programming terms, PHP is what is referred to as an “HTML embedded coding language.”

8. C

Accomplished American scientist Dennis Ritchie is the inventor of C programming language. Dennis developed the language between 1969-1973 and it is the most used programming language ever. It is a procedural language which is compiled using compilers and it also allows programming across multiple platforms.

9. C++

Bjarne Stroustrup, a computer scientist from Denmark is the creator of C+++ programming language. The 67-year-old alumni of Arhus University and the University of Cambridge began working on the development of the language in 1979. C++ is the third most popular programming language.

10. Lisp

Lisp is one of the earliest programming languages. It was created in the 1950s by computer scientist John McCarthy. John was highly successful and he was also a revolutionary in the world of AI. Lisp was developed to be used in mathematical notations and developing other programs.

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