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Top 10 Linux FTP Clients

FTP is a file transfer network protocol used to efficiently transfer files among servers and clients over a computer network without any complexity. FTP first applications were written on the command line before GUI OS appeared. Although there are various clients of GUI FTP, software developers still create FTP clients for users based on CLI who prefer utilizing the old-fashioned way. There are numerous Linux FTP Clients which are secure and robust and easily accessible in the market. This article conveys the most reliable and best Linux FTP Clients that one ought to select the finest one to fulfill the task.

Best FTP Clients for Linux Machine

As discussed above, there are numerous free and premium Linux FTP clients. In this article, we will assist you with narrowing down the top 10 FTP clients that turn out best for you.

1. FileZilla

Under the umbrella of the Linux FTP client, Filezilla is on top. Having almost all the popular operating systems such as Windows and Linux, FileZilla makes itself the most secured and best FTP client. It is the most reliable and efficient FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client. Having a feature of resume and transfer gives FileZilla an edge over other similar interfaces. Bookmarking, drag n drop support, transfer queue, site management and many more are some of the extensive features FileZilla carries in its bag.

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2. CrossFTP

Talking about the support, reliability, and secure Ftp client, CrossFtp pops up first. Moving files frequently into remote locations, cloud storage, or whether it be web host services, Clientftp works with all. The best part is that it hardly crashes and is reliable.

Moreover, it also has all the features that daily and pro-users want to transfer files. Calling it just an FTP client doesn’t make sense if you count the extensive features. CrossFTP has a simple, and intuitive interface that also supports Amazon and Google storage.

3. gFTP

gFTP is another Linux client that gives an instinctive UI and simple configuration setup. gFtp client handles multithreaded file transfer for Unix systems. FileZilla can be another useful alternative for this gFTP client. It has a few provisions that are like FileZilla yet somewhat not quite the same as FileZilla. gFTP supports various proxy servers protocols such as FTP, FSP, HTTP.

4. Kasablanca

Kasablanca is another secure and fastest client for KDE-based systems. Kasablanca was written using C++ and libraries of KDE. Kasablanca upholds a high-level bookmarking framework. It offers numerous features like the association with various hosts, instinctive queue for transferring files, responsive multithreaded framework, and substantially more.

5. Konqueror

The file manager and browser used in the KDE environment is Konqueror. It is one of the secure FTP Linux clients that can be easily accessible through the address bar. FTP protocol can be connected immediately by typing the following address within the bar:
● ftp://username@server.com/
● ftp://username:password@your.ftp.org

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LFTP Linux client is easily accessible and simple to utilize. FTP, SFTP, and much more are the following file transfer protocols that support LFTP. LFTP also provides much more features in order to keep configuration and interface as basic and clear as could be expected. It is a fast, reliable, and secure client and has the ability to execute the tasks in the background. LFTP is also capable of reconnecting the process consequently whenever a connection gets crashed. It likewise gives different connections all the while.

7. GNOME Commander

The file manager used in the GNOME environment is GNOME Commander. This FTP client provides a simple, and distinctive interface which is easy to customize and able to support various themes. The main goal of this Gnome FTP client is to provide modern-level file management to their super users. GNOME Commander also supports several tabs. The process of file transferring is done through a module of GNOME VFS FTP. It can easily be incorporated into the GNOME environment flawlessly and can be an incredible option in contrast to default Nautilus.

8. NcFTP

NcFTP is one of the best Linux clients that supports cross-platform, is extremely configurable, and is user-friendly. NcFTP is supportable to various platforms. As NcFTP has an entire set of applications, so the process of file transfer can be done smoothly.

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9. Nautilus

Another important FTP client is Nautilus which is extremely fundamental as it comes pre-packed while installing Ubuntu. Nautilus can be easily integrated with Ubuntu. The interface of this FTP client is well acquainted and not clustered. Nonetheless, Nautilus does not provide numerous features about other FTP clients. This FTP client offers you an easy method to transfer files via FTP and makes the procedure of file transfer as easy as the process of copy-paste. To make Nautilus secure, there is no need to install extra packages.

10. Free Open FTP Face

If we are talking about Free Open FTP Face then it is lightweight, most efficient, and also compatible with various platforms. This FTP client was written using Python and is easy to use. Free Open FTP Face is easily executable on Linux, Windows, and distributions based on UNIX. It has a modern interface and was developed through libraries of GTK+. It also has numerous built-in features like an audio player, image and text viewer, and checksums in order to detect errors while transmitting data.

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