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Talend – Open Studio

Talend - Open Studio - myTechMint
Talend Open Studio is a free open source ETL tool for Data Integration and Big Data. It is an Eclipse based developer tool and job designer. You just need to Drag and Drop components and connect them to create and run ETL or ETL Jobs. The tool will create the Java code for the job automatically and you need not write a single line of code.
There are multiple options to connect with Data Sources such as RDBMS, Excel, SaaS Big Data ecosystem, as well as apps and technologies like SAP, CRM, Dropbox and many more.
Some important benefits which Talend Open Studio offers are as below −
  • Provides all features needed for data integration and synchronization with 900 components, built-in connectors, converting jobs to Java code automatically and much more.
  • The tool is completely free, hence there are big cost savings.
  • In last 12 years, multiple giant organizations have adopted TOS for Data integration, which shows very high trust factor in this tool.
  • The Talend community for Data Integration is very active.
  • Talend keeps on adding features to these tools and the documentations are well structured and very easy to follow.

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