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Talend - Components for Data Integration - myTechMint
All the operations in Talend are performed by connectors and components. Talend offers 800+ connectors and components to perform several operations. These components are present in palette, and there are 21 main categories to which components belong. You can choose the connectors and just drag and drop it in the designer pane, it will create java code automatically which will get compiled when you save the Talend code.
Main categories which contains components are shown below −
Talend - Components for Data Integration - myTechMint
The following is the list of widely used connectors and components for data integration in Talend Open Studio −
  • tMysqlConnection − Connects to MySQL database defined in the component.
  • tMysqlInput − Runs database query to read a database and extract fields (tables, views etc.) depending on the query.
  • tMysqlOutput − Used to write, update, modify data in a MySQL database.
  • tFileInputDelimited − Reads a delimited file row by row and divides them into separate fields and passes it to the next component.
  • tFileInputExcel − Reads an excel file row by row and divides them into separate fields and passes it to the next component.
  • tFileList − Gets all the files and directories from a given file mask pattern.
  • tFileArchive − Compresses a set of files or folders in to zip, gzip or tar.gz archive file.
  • tRowGenerator − Provides an editor where you can write functions or choose expressions to generate your sample data.
  • tMsgBox − Returns a dialog box with the message specified and an OK button.
  • tLogRow − Monitors the data getting processed. It displays data/output in the run console.
  • tPreJob − Defines the sub jobs that will run before your actual job starts.
  • tMap − Acts as a plugin in Talend studio. It takes data from one or more sources, transforms it, and then sends the transformed data to one or more destinations.
  • tJoin − Joins 2 tables by performing inner and outer joins between the main flow and the lookup flow.
  • tJava − Enables you to use personalized java code in the Talend program.
  • tRunJob − Manages complex job systems by running one Talend job after another.

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