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Sqoop – Export

Sqoop - Export Shout For Education
This chapter describes how to export data back from the HDFS to the RDBMS database. The target table must exist in the target database. The files which are given as input to the Sqoop contain records, which are called rows in the table. Those are read and parsed into a set of records and delimited with a user-specified delimiter.
The default operation is to insert all the records from the input files to the database table using the INSERT statement. In update mode, Sqoop generates the UPDATE statement that replaces the existing record into the database.


The following is the syntax for the export command.
$ sqoop export (generic-args) (export-args) 
$ sqoop-export (generic-args) (export-args)


Let us take an example of the employee data in file, in HDFS. The employee data is available in emp_data file in ‘emp/’ directory in HDFS. The emp_data is as follows.
1201, gopal,     manager, 50000, TP
1202, manisha,   preader, 50000, TP
1203, kalil,     php dev, 30000, AC
1204, prasanth,  php dev, 30000, AC
1205, kranthi,   admin,   20000, TP
1206, satish p,  grp des, 20000, GR
It is mandatory that the table to be exported is created manually and is present in the database from where it has to be exported.
The following query is used to create the table ‘employee’ in mysql command line.
$ mysql
mysql> USE db;
mysql> CREATE TABLE employee ( 
   name VARCHAR(20), 
   deg VARCHAR(20),
   salary INT,
   dept VARCHAR(10));
The following command is used to export the table data (which is in emp_data file on HDFS) to the employee table in db database of Mysql database server.
$ sqoop export 
--connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/db 
--username root 
--table employee  
--export-dir /emp/emp_data
The following command is used to verify the table in mysql command line.
mysql>select * from employee;
If the given data is stored successfully, then you can find the following table of given employee data.
| Id   | Name         | Designation | Salary            | Dept   |
| 1201 | gopal        | manager     | 50000             | TP     |
| 1202 | manisha      | preader     | 50000             | TP     |
| 1203 | kalil        | php dev     | 30000             | AC     |
| 1204 | prasanth     | php dev     | 30000             | AC     |
| 1205 | kranthi      | admin       | 20000             | TP     |
| 1206 | satish p     | grp des     | 20000             | GR     |

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