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How to Convert “.ppk” to “.pem” File Using Command in Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Convert “.ppk” to “.pem” File Using Command in Ubuntu?

I have downloaded a .ppk file to connect to my server using ssh. As I am a Ubuntu user, I need a key that supports the terminal command. So I decided to convert it to a .pem file. I am sharing the steps to convert PPK to PEM format on the Linux terminal using a putty-gen command-line utility.

Convert .ppk to .pem in Linux

Use the below steps to install required packages and convert ppk to a pem file.

Step 1 – First of all, install the putty tools on your Linux system using below command.

sudo apt-get install putty-tools 

Step 2 – Now, convert the ppk file to pem file using puttygen command line tool.  Let my filename  mytechmint.ppk  mytechmint.pem

puttygen mytechmint.ppk -O private-openssh -o mytechmint.pem 

Step 3 – Change the .pem file permissions. Set the read-only permissions to the owner of the file, remove any permission to group and others. Otherwise, ssh will refuse this key for use.

chmod 400 mytechmint.pem 

Step 4 – Finally, connect to your remote Linux server with ssh using this pem key.  Here we are passing ubuntu as username and remote.host as hostname or IP.

ssh -i mytechmint.pem ubuntu@remote.host 


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