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In this war between the world of ages,
Where the solemn sacrifices of true are treated like savages.
The harmony is fading, overcoming the turmoil of hatred and ignorance in the breeze;
Where sweet songs of chirping birds are no longer called the harbinger of peace.
Dark clouds are arising, the wraith of bitterness is shrieking,
In the bright mornings which were once full of love and
Peace , the wraith of brotherhood is freezing.
Merry full miraculous stories of fairy tales were once a pleasure to hear,
But the dooming battles of the raging demons is now what they have to bear.
The rhythm of symphony has turned into jangling discords,
No longer, humanity is the service to mankind in this world full of unjust saws !
No stone has been left unturned to provoke the epic of distrust and frustration,
Thousands of lives have been laid, just to taste the fruit of destruction…!!?
Thousands of drops have been shelved of patriotic sons having blood so pure,
But the storm of grievance is irrevocable, the disease of condemnation uncured.
When the humans will realize..?
That it is their mother land which is paying the price.
The subtle buds that she nourished with such tenderness and love,
But now all are taking their share of revenge by destroying their beautiful mother earth.
One must realize the importance of patience and forgiveness,
For striving a future towards prosperity and success.
Where every breeze will whisper of trust and dignity and every creature will live in tranquil harmony.

Author: Apoorva Bhardwaj

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