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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 7 – Birth

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 7 – Birth


Birth NCERT Text Book Questions and Answers

 Birth Reading with insight

Question 1.
“I have done something; oh, God! I’ve done something real at last”. Why does Andrew say this? What does it mean?
Andrew Manson, just returned from a medical college was quite new in medical practice. He was rather new in every experience of worldly life. He had opened his own surgery in the neighbourhood of drillers and miners. It was not doing very fine as his condition predicts. His lady love also ditched him. That day after spending a very frustrating and disappointing evening with his beloved Christine, he was returning home at mid night. He was very tired in his spirits. He was feeling very dejected.

As he reached home he found Joe Morgan pacing between his surgery and the entrance of his house. Joe wanted to take him home, whose wife was about to deliver a baby. It was their first baby after their married life of 20 years and a long wait of course. Joe picked up his bag and both went along. Andrew promised that all would be right.

After a long struggle the baby took birth at about dawn period. But the most ghastly havoc the luck had played was that the baby was stillborn! In the wake of his promise to Joe and his mother-in-law and in the wake of the hopes of the mother of the child, Andrew felt cheated. After giving the necessary medical aid to the patient, Andrew turned to the child. Seeing the condition, he at once realised that it was a case of asphyxia pallida, the same case he had treated in Samaritan.

Then there was no resting for Andrew for next 2 hours. He instantly gave the child hot and cold bath alternatively. He tried to give artificial respiration and after his long struggle the child responded. Only then he took himself a breath of relief. Finally when the baby returned to natural self, he handed to the nurse and left for his own home. Outside Joe was standing expectant and Andrew told him that all was right.While returning home, when Andrew footfalls joined the footfalls of the night-shift drillers, he felt quite relieved forgetting all about his disappointment at the hands of Christine and uttered these words, “I have done something…” He clearly regarded it a job a doctor is weighed for.

Question 2.
‘There lies a great difference between textbook medicine and the world of a practising physician.’ Discuss.
The statement is aptly said, “There lies a great difference between textbook medicine and the world of a practising physician.” All would admit the fact that there is a sea difference between practical and theory. Theoretically the things could sound different but while taking practical form their form could turn out totally different.Same occurs in the life of Andrew. He was a medical-practitioner.

Though he seems to be novice, but he had undergone various experiences in his short-term medical practice to trust mere theoretical facts in his medical line. The nurse though appears quite oblivious of the difference between theory and practical. So when a case of asphyxia-pallida appears, she fails to understand that the infant could be resuscitated to normal self once again.

While Andrew was trying to follow the required treatment, she just whimpered in consternation, “for mercy’s sake, Doctor…. It’s stillborn.”Later on when the child returned to consciousness, she had no medical explanation for it but just thanked God for having mercy on it. Whereas Andrew knew where to tick the bowl for better sound. He proved that knowledge of mere textbook is not sufficient in their profession. It would be rather quack/shallow, which could prove fatal to some. Had he taken it the case of ‘stillborn’ it would have an end to Joe’s hopefulness in his life and he himself won’t have been able to bring himself to say ,“I have done something…”

Question 3.
Do you know of any incident when someone has been brought back to life from the brink of death through medical help. Discuss medical procedures such as organ transplant and organ regeneration that are used to save human life.
Yes, it’s a case of my friend’s mother. My friend Kavinder and his family mem¬bers i.e. his father, mother and one sister Kavita were going for a picnic to a neighbouring village which boasts of its natural beauty for being surrounded by Yamuna river almost on three sides. They were on a deserted road. There was none other than their own vehicle i.e. jeep. His parents were resident doctors at the time in the civil hospital of the town, Ganaur. But by conspiracy of misfortune, one screw in the right side of jeep (front) got loosened and the front tyre went off. As a result their jeep keep careening off. Kavita and Kavinder got crushed under the jeep itself after falling off. Their father Mr. Mahender fell on the pavement.

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Their mother Mrs. Meenakshi’s hair and saree got entangled with one of the wheel and was dragged for God knows how long. Her face got totally slashed. Bones ap¬peared. Just then a cart, appeared on the same road and saw the people lying on road on the difference of about 4 kms. He instantly collected all and put them on his cart and took to the hospital. Nobody knew what would happen to Dr. Meenakshi. She had lost her facial features so to say. Kavita and Kavinder could not be restored back to life. Dr. Mahender also survived a fracture in backbone.

A steel rod was planted there. But it was Dr. Meenakshi who was a challenge to the medical science. Then surgeons all over India joined hands and after conducting 21 skin grafting operations her facial features were restored. It took her 3 and half years to recover. Medically and physically she came out much better off than was expected but her emotions suffered a severe scar. Later both husband and wife made it a mission of their life to serve the needy and the poor in the same village where the tragic incident occurred to them. Dr. Meenakshi’s coming to her routine life was a glowing success of medical science.

Birth Extra Questions and Answers

Birth Extra Questions Short Answer Type

Question 1.
Why was Andrew Manson feeling “over-wrought” that particular evening?
After spending his renting day in his surgery, Andrew had gone to see his lady¬love Christine that evening. There he got frustration and disappointed as she broke off. Hence he was feeling over-wrought.

Question 2.
How did the night prove unusual for Dr. Andrew?
The night proved unusual for Dr. Andrew. That night his patient Mrs. Morgan delivered a baby but it was a case of‘asphyxia pallida’. He had to strive hard for about two hours to resuscitate the infant. Finally, the child started recovering. That way it was an unusual night for him. As the incident made him oblivious of his own loss in love life and he returned to his normal self in routine life.

Question 3.
How did Andrew wish to consider marriage? Did it materialise in his real life?
Andrew wished to consider marriage an idyllic state. No his wish didn’t materialise in his real life. In his friendly circle, he had so many examples of failed married life. In his personal life also his affair had failed and couldn’t reach even to the border of marriage.

Question 4.
Why was Joe so much nervous? How did it become explicit?
Joe was so much nervous as his wife Susan was going to deliver their first baby after their married life of twenty years. His nervousness was quite explicit as he was pacing to and from before Andrew’s house, as he came to fetch him. He could also not sit still at his own home also, till he didn’t get the news ‘all is right’.

Question 5.
How did Mrs Morgan’s mother react as she saw Dr. Andrew giving frantic treatment to the pallid baby?
She appeared a very optimistic lady. She just had placed her entire trust in first God and next in the doctor. So she just kept standing against the wall holding her breath, keeping the hands on her throat and mouth, lest she should produce any sound, and disturb the doctor. She didn’t interfere or object doctor’s treatment. Finally her optimism is duly paid.

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Question 6.
Who remained most active throughout the treatment? How?
Of course, it was Dr. Andrew. No doubt the nurse obeyed his orders to fetch the things. Mrs. Morgan also couldn’t sit for a while. But they were just the passive on-lookers. Dr. Andrew kept doing his duty of first delivering one baby and then to bring him back to consciousness. Of course before that the nurse looked after the patient.

Question 7.
How would you term the success of Dr. Andrew?
Dr. Andrew’s success can be termed as the success of medical science conjoined with trust in sole-self. The nurse declared it a stillborn baby. But Dr. Andrew knew it was a case of Asyphxia-pallida and he proved himself right.

Question 8.
“…his footfalls echoing with others under the morning sky…” Explain.
The statement is with reference to Andrew, returning from Mr. Morgan’s house where he had been successful in restoring consciousness to the new bom baby. He felt djuite happy and relieved after this success. So he felt that his own footfalls had joined the others who also were returning after striving hard in mines. The feelings of Mr. Andrew prove that he had returned to his normal self forgetting his last evening’s sordid experience with Christine.

Question 9.
Where did Andrew live?
Andrew lived in the close proximity of drillers and miners in Blaenelly. He had opened his ‘surgery’ in a part of his residence only.

Question 10.
Had Andrew not got success, how would it have affected him apart from Morgans? Explain.
Morgans were being blessed with a child after a long wait of 20 years in their life. But had Andrew not got success in restoring consciousness to the pallid baby, they would perhaps remain deprived of being parents forever. But apart from them, for Andrew it was a case of total close as far as success in any sphere is concerned. He would have transformed a totally pessimistic, morom and lost soul. But God willing, nothing unfortunate happened and all returned to their joyful chapter of life, after the child’s recovery.

Birth Extra Questions Long Answer Type

Question 1.
Justify the title ‘The Birth’.
‘The Birth’ is quite an apt and appropriate title for the story by A.J. Cronin. Seeing on surface level the story talks about the birth of a child. But brooding deeply, we find actually with the physical birth of the child, there are so many whose lives also get regeneration.

Dr. Andrew came to Morgan’s house where Susan was about to deliver a baby. A midwife was already there to tend the patient in labour pains. Andrew had spent a frustrating evening with his beloved Christine who broke off perhaps, the relation. So Andrew’s mind and concentration got astrayed there and then before one ‘birth’ during the period of the ‘wait’.

Joe was pacing to and fro outside the house. Then the child took birth, it was a stillborn baby. The nurse placed it under the bed. The doctor mechanically got busy in giving necessary medical aid first to the mother-patient. Then he turned all his attention to the infant-patient. It was a case of asphyxia-pallida. He had treated such case, earlier as well in

Samaritan. So with all frantic and feverish efforts he got fully absorbed in resuscitating the baby. Meanwhile the nurse looked in consternation. Susan’s mother couldn’t believe the whole thing could be true. Andrew also felt desperate as the child didn’t respond even after an hour and half.

Then just as he was trying to crush and release the tiny chest of the infant, it heaved and finally a few gasps it cried. It was a success for one and all related with the birth. For the nurse, it was quite a new experience. For Morgans it was a fulfilment of his life long dream. For Andrew it was a new start in his life. So we see that the birth of a child gave birth to so many new things to so many people. Hence no other title could have suited so well to the story.

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Question 2.
Suppose that you are the nurse in the story. Describe your views about the particular case you attended at Morgans.
I live in the neighbourhood of Morgans. I knew that Joe Morgan’s wife Susan Morgan was expecting a baby. They were oveijoyed as they were going to have the baby after a long and tiresome wait of 20 years of their married life. They had already booked me. Joe came to fetch me the evening his wife was in labour pains. I went there and kept noting the progress of the case.

After an hour or so, Joe also brought along Dr. Andrew who had just started his private medical practice. So honestly, I didn’t trust him much. But anyhow, I just had to help him now. At about 3.30 a.m, the baby took birth (but it was stillborn) Susan was still anesthetic so not in a position to react. Joe was out in the street. But Susan’s mother knew all this. I myself was shocked and stunned. How brutally luck had dealt with poor Morgans. But had to abide by God’s wish. I placed the baby under the bed, as is done in such case.

Dr. Andrew after giving required treatment to Susan asked for the baby. He just fishing through the papers, took out the baby and asked me to bring cold and hot water both and basins and towels and all that. He had already slashed the cord which fell like a broken stem. I tried to object but he never listened to me. I just saw him with consternation.

He gave the child hot and cold bath alternatively. He gave the child artificial respiration. He rubbed the child with rough towel. He pressed and released the child’s tiny chest in his hands to bring in there some breaths. Really, it was all just incredible. I again implored him.

But he won’t listen to him and as if God in heaven had guided his hands and minds. As he was trying to bring breath while clasping and releasing, the child’s tiny chest heaved! It was a miracle I never had seen. Next day only he told me the case history. I saluted Dr. Andrew, his knowledge and commitment to work. Thank God; he didn’t give way to my disbelief.

Question 3.
Do you agree with the end of the story? Could it end some other way as well?
Yes, I agree with the end of the story. The writer A.J. Cronin has presented a happy ending story, with the victory of medical science and practical experience. The story couldn’t have ended other than the way it has now. Had Dr. Andrew shown unsuccessful in his effort, he would have appeased quite a crazy doctor, with all the (Retails which are already there in the story, ‘the hanging one sleeve, littered room, and sweating brows, panting doctor at etc. etc. Just a single stroke of pen could have changed the most optimistic stoxy into a most depressing pessimistic story.

Now the story is really rejoicing, after all, the sincere and committed efforts of Dr. Andrew are duly paid. The nurse also added new experience to her own medical experience. Morgans would become firm believers in God and medical-science. Andrew gave a new start to his normal life. After breaking away from Christine, he was really feeling broken hearted and all the negative thoughts regarding love and marriage came to his mind.

He just could recall the examples of failed marriage after his “break’. He couldn’t have possible returned to his normal routine life, had he not got success in the case of child birth at Morgans. So, I fully agree with the happy end. The stoiy becomes all the more encouraging. The layman also learns a lesson that hard work, experience and firm faith in God always pay,’ after reading the story. Otherwise and could have led us to consider God a mysterious power with mysterious designs who can shatter so many homes with just one blow.


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