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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 – The Browning Version

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 – The Browning Version

Question 1.
Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker-Harris.
Crocker-Harris teaches Latin language to Taplow at his school. Taplow is still in primary form. Taplow has a feeling of awe as well as liking for his teacher. Though he doesn’t have a very high opinion about Crocker-Harris as a teacher. He feels that Harris is averse to the fact that students like him.

He hates being popular among students. Taplow also thinks that Mr. Crocker-Harris would possibly mark him down rather than up for doing extra-work. Taplow also feels that Mr. Crocker-Harris doesn’t abide by the rule of giving remove/results to his class on the final day of the term.

Question 2.
Does Frank seem to encourage Taplow’s comments on Crocker-Harris ?
As Taplow started imitating his teacher Mr. Crocker-Harris for telling his answer in his style, at first Frank snubbed Taplow. But quite instantly, Frank, the science-teacher, asked Taplow again to repeat Mr. Crocker statement in his style. It shows that he encour¬ages Taplow’s comments on Harris.

Question 3.
What do you gather about Crocker-Harris from the play ?
We gather that Mr. Crocker-Harris is a Latin language teacher. He seems tp be a very strict teacher. He has created such an impression on the students that they don’t dare defy his orders even in his absence. They are scared to death. Other teachers like Frank feel jealous of him for creating such impression. He never beats students neither he is a sadist. He makes his students to ‘stay back after school, to do extra work for missing a class. But he himself doesn’t make it a point to be there such students. He leaves them just to wait. Here his views seem somewhat lax.

The Browning Version Talking About The Text

Discuss with your partners

Question 1.
Talking about teachers among friends.
I don’t think there will be any student who, during his academic years, would not have talked about his or her teachers. I think it is their favourite pastime. Every teacher has his or her own style of teaching, peculiar habits, whims or idiasyncrasies and ways of punishment.

Some teachers teach in matter-of-fact routine but teachers teach in a very interesting manner. They will make their lectures spicy with jokes or interesting anecdotes. So students have a lot of material teachers among their friends only about their teachers. This is because they are afraid that some of the things they talk about their teachers may not reach them.

Question 2.
The manner you adopt when you talk about a teacher to other teachers.
For self-attempt.

Question 3.
Reading plays is more interesting than studying science.
Plays form an important aspect of literature. These gives us not only facts and opinions but also create a permanent interest in us. The plays also affect us in various ways and move our affections. While reading plays we come to know about various kinds of characters who respond to different situations in different manners. Reading of plays is not only interesting, but it is illuminating also. For instance, Shakespeare’s or Kalidas’s plays not only are interesting to entertaining, but these appeal to our intellect also.

It is a fact that the science and scientific discoveres are vital and significant for our material life. But study of science is more or less based on material facts. So there is less scope for its being interesting. We do not find human passions, human aspirations, human values and human dreams in the study of science. Science with its glorious achievements, is of course highly important. But still I find reading plays or literature is general, much more interesting than factual theories of science.

The Browning Version Working With Words

A sadist is a person who gets pleasure out of giving pain to others.
Given below are some dictionary definitions of certain kinds of persons. Find out the words that fit these descriptions.
1. A person who considers it very important that things should be correct or genuine e.g. in the use of language or in the arts: P ….
2. A person who believes that war and violence are wrong and will not fight in a
war : P…………..
3. A person who believes that nothing really exists : N …
4. A person who is always hopeful and expects the best in all things: O….
5. A person who follows generally accepted norms of behaviour : C
6. A person who believes that material possessions are all that matter in life : M …
1. A person who considers it very important that things should be correct or genuine e.g. in the use of language or in the arts : Perfectionist.
2. A person who believes that war and violence are wrong and will not fight in a war: Peace-loving.
3. A person who believes that nothing really exists : Nihilist.
4. A person who is always hopeful and expects the best in all things : Optimistic
5. A person who follows generally accepted norms of behaviour : Common
6. A person who believes that material possessions are all that matter in life : Materialistic.

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The Browning Version Extra Questions and Answers

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow :

Passage 1

Taplow: (with dislike) Aeschylus.
Frank : Look, what time did Mr. Crocker-Harris tell you to be here ?
Taplow: Six-thirty, sir.
Frank : Well, he’s ten minutes late. Why don’t you cut ? You could still play golf before lock-up.
Taplow: (really shocked) Oh, no, I couldn’t cut. Cut the Crock—Mr. Crocker-Harris ? I shouldn’t think it’s ever been done in the whole time he’s been here. God knows , what would happen if I did. He’d probably follow me home, or something
Frank : I must admit I envy him the effect he seems to have on you boys in the form. You all seem scared to death of him. What does he do—beat you all, or something?
Taplow: Good Lord, no. He’s not a sadist, like one or two of the others. (Pages 52-53)

Questions :
(i) What is ‘Aeschylus’ referred to here ?
(ii) Who is Crocker-Harris ?
(iii) What suggestion does Frank give to Taplow to while away the time ?
(iv) Did Taplow agree ? Why I why not ?
(v) Give the synonyms of the following :
(a) sadist
(b) envy.
Answers :
(i) Aeschylus is a Latin play. It is possibly a part of Taplow’s syllabus.
(ii) Mr. Crocker-Harris is the Latin teacher of Taplow.
(in’)‘Frank suggested Taplow that he should cut (utilize his period of wait) and play golf meanwhile, before lock up.
(iv) No, Taplow didn’t agree. He was afraid to defy his teacher’s order.
(v) (a) A person who takes pleasure in the pains of others
(b) feel jealous

Passage 2

Frank : And I don’t know any boy who doesn’t use that for his own purposes.
Taplow: Well, it’s natural sir. But not with the Crock
Frank : Mr. Crocker-Harris.
Taplow: Mr. Crocker-Harris. The funny thing is that in spite of everything. I do rather like him. I can’t help it. And sometimes I think he sees it and that seems to shrivel him up even more
Frank : I’m sure you’re exaggerating.
Taplow: No, sir. I’m not. In form the other day he made one of his classical jokes. Of course nobody laughed because nobody understood it, myself included Still, I knew he’d meant it as hinny, so I laughed. Out of ordinary common polite-ness, and feeling a bit sorry for him for having made a poor joke. Now I can’t remember what the joke was, but suppose I make it. Now you laugh, sir. (Frank laughs) – (Page 54)

Questions :
(i) What is the Taplow’s general attitude towards Mr. Crocker-Harris ?
(ii) How does Mr. Crocker-Harris react to this Taplow’s attitude ?
(iii) Why did Taplow laugh though he didn’t understand the joke ?
(iv) What was the general reaction of the form at Mr. Crocker-Harris’ poor joke ?
(v) Give the meanings of:
(a) shrivel
(b) politeness.
Answers :
(i) Taplow likes Mr. Crocker Harris in spite of his crazy instincts.
(ii) Mr. Croker-Harris shrivel up even more realising that his student Taplow likes him.
(iii) Once Mr. Crocker-Harris told a poor joke to the class. At this Taplow laughed but out of ordinary politeness.
(iv) The form in general didn’t understand the joke told by Mr. Crocker-Harris ; firstly because the joke was poor. Secondly,, it was in Latin and perhaps the level of students in Latin was too poor/low.
(v) (a) wither/contract
(b) gentleness.

Passage 3

Taplow: (In a gentle, throaty voice) “Taplow you laughed at my little joke, I noticed.I must confess that I am pleased at the advance your Latin has made since you so readily have understood what the rest of the form did not. Perhaps, now, you would be good enough to explain it to them, so that they too can share your pleasure” [The door up right is pushed open and Millie Crocker-Harris enters. She is a thin woman in the late thirties, rather more smartly dressed than the general run of schoolmas-ters’ wives. She is wearing a cape and carries a shopping basket. She closes the door and then stands by the screen watching Taplow and Frank. It is a few secondes before they notice her.] (Page 54)

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Questions :
(i) Whom does Taplow mimick here? Who is talking to him presently ?
(ii) Who is Millie Crodker-Harris ? Describe her appearance.
(iii) Where does she seem to come from ?
(iv) Who does ‘you’ and I stand here for ?
(v) Give the meaning of:
(a) advance
(b) form.
Answers :
(i) Taplow mimicks his Latin teacher Mr. Crocker-Harris here. Frank ; a science teacher is talking to him presently. ”
(ii) Millie Crocker-Harris is the wife of Mr. Crocker Harris- a Latin teacher. She is wearing a cape. She looks smart comparatively to her social standing. She is in her late-thirties.
(iii) Mrs. Millie Crocker-Harris seems to return from shopping as she is carrying a shopping basket.
(iv) ‘You’ here is used for Taplow and T is used for Mr. Crqcker-Harris. This is actually the speech of Mr. Crocker-Harris which is being repeated mimicked by Taplow.
(a) Progress
(b) Class.

Passage 4

Frank : Come along, Taplow. (moves slowly above the desk). Do not be so selfish as to keep a good joke to yourself. Tell the others… (He breaks off suddenly, notic¬ing Millie.) Oh Lord !
(Frank turns quickly, and seems infinitely relieved at seeing Millie.)
Frank : Oh, hullo.
Millie : (without expression). Hullo. (She comes down to the sideboard and puts her basket on it.) ‘
Taplow: (moving up to left of Frank ; whispering frantically). Do you think she heard ?
Frank : (shakes his head comfortingly. Millie takes off her cape and hangs it on the
hall-stand). I think she did. SHe was standing there quite a time.
Taplow: If she did and she tells him, there goes my remove. (Pages 55-56)

Questions :
(i) Why does Frank break off suddenly ? What makes him utter ‘Oh Lord’ ?
(ii) How does Millie greet Mr. Frank ?
(iii) Why did Taplow get Frantik ?
(iv) Why was Taplow afraid of Millie ?
(v) Give the synonyms of:
(a) cape
(b) frantically Answers :
(i) Frank saw Millie enter the room that makes him break off suddenly. Her pres¬ence makes him utter ‘Oh Lord’ as he was asking something about her husband only.
(ii) Millie greets Mr. Frank quite coldly. She utters the Lord Hullo, just for formality sake. She keeps her face expressionless.
(lit) Taplow got frantic as he had been mimicking Mr. Crocker-Harris the moment Mrs. Millie Crocker-Harris entered.
(iv) Taplow was afraid of Millie as she might convey the incident of Taplow mimicking
of Mr. Crocker-Harris to her husband. As a result, Taplow might suffer adversely, being his result still in hands of Mr. Crocker-Harris. ,
(a) coat, cloak (generally)
(b) nervously ; in a frantic manner.

Passage 5

Frank : Nonsense. (He crosses to the fireplace.)
(Millie takes the basket from the sideboard, moves above the table center and puts the basket on it.)
Millie : (to Taplow) Waiting for my husband ?
Taplow: (moving down left of the table). Er-yes
Millie : He’s at the Bursar’s and might be there quite a time. If I were you I’d go.
Taplow: (doubtfully) He said most particularly I was to come.
Millie : Well, why don’t you run away for a quarter of an hour and come back ? (She unpacks some things from the basket.)
Taplow: Supposing he gets here before me ?
Millie : (smiling) I’ll take the blame. (She takes a prescription out of the basket.) I tell you what—you can do a job for him. Take this prescription to the chemist and get it made up.
Taplow: All right, Mrs. Crocker-Harris. (He crosses towards the door up right.) (Page 55)

Questions :
(i) What information did Millie give to Taplow ?
(ii) What assignment does Taplow get from Millie ?
(iii) What promise does Millie do to Taplow ?
(iv) What does Millie promise to Taplow show about her nature ?
(v) Give the synonyms of:
(a) bursar
(b) unpacks.
Answers :
(i) Millie told that her husband was busy at the Bursar’s counter. It might take him
quite some time. She also suggests that if she were him she would have gone.
(ii) Taplow got an assignment from Millie. She gave him a prescription and asked to go to the chemist and get it done/bring the medicines etc.
(iii) As Taplow got an assignment from Millie, he expressed his fear regarding Mr. Crocker’s arrival meanwhile. At this Millie promised to take the whole blame of Taplow’s absence on her own shoulders.
(iv) Millie’s promise to Taplow to save him from her husband’s wrath, shows that she is very practical lady. Just after entering the room, she told Taplow that her husband was busy with the bursar and coaxed Taplow to go. Later she herself asked him to go to the chemist and bring her medicines or so.
(a) The accountant/ cashier at school or college.
(b) Opens the wrappers/opens the packs.

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The Browning Version Extra Questions Short Answer Type 

Question 1.
What was the reason of Taplow’s staying back even on the last day of the form ? ’
Taplow had actually missed a class last week. This teacher Mr. Crocker-Harris had asked him to do extra-work in spite of that

Question 2.
Did Taplow like to stay back ? Why did he stay then ?
No, he actually didn’t like to stay back being it the last day of the term. But he was afraid of his teacher Mr. Crocker-Harris. He didn’t want to annoy his teacher by defying his order.

Question 3.
What do you gather about Frank’s attitude towards Mr. Crocker-Harris?
Frank doesn’t seem to have a very friendly and cordial relation with Mr. Crocker- Harris. He coaxes Taplow to copy Mr. Crocker-Harris again. He also stressed him to go instead of vainly waiting for Mr. Crocker-Harris.

Question 4.
What sort of a student does Taplow appear to be to you ?
Taplow appears to be an average student. But he seems to have not much interest in Latin language. But he respects his teacher a lot. He never wants to arouse his wrath. So in spite of being it the last day of the term, he came to attend his class just to obey his teacher’s order.

Question 5.
Who relieved Taplow of the long wait ?
Millie i.e. Mrs. Crocker-Harris relieved Taplow of the long wait. She asked Taplow to go to the chemist and make her prescription done.

Question 6.
Earlier Taplow was reluctant to go but later he got convinced. How did it occur ?
Earlier Taplow was reluctant to go as he didn’t want to be the target of his teacher’s wrath. Later he got convinced only when Millie’ i.e. Mrs. Crocker-Harris promised him that she would take all the blame on her shoulders.

Question 7.
Did Taplow’s long wait bring fruit ? Why/why not ?
No, Taplow’s long wait didn’t bring fruit as his teacher who had asked him to stay back didn’t turn up at all. He was busy with the Bursar.

Question 8.
What impact did Mr. Crocker’s joke have on the class ?
Mr. Crocker told a joke in Latin language to the class. His joke was poor and perhaps students were not at par with Latin. So they didn’t understand it as well. Hence nobody laughed except Taplow. He also laughed just for formality sake.

The Browning Version Extra Questions Long Answer Type

Question 1.
Describe Taplow’s meeting with Frank.
Taplow had been asked to stay back after school by his teacher Mr. Crocker- Harris in lieu of missing class one day last week. Mr. Crocker-Harris taught him Latin. So Taplow had brought a play Aeschylus which he doesn’t seem to like much. But as he comes, he finds Frank ; a science teacher there instead.

Soon after formal words of recognition and introduction, Frank asked him his purpose of coming there being it the last day of the term. Frank also asked him if he had got his result. At this Taplow replied in negative . He also replied that Mr. Crocker-Harris didn’t follow any rules. Then the teacher asked Taplow to read his Aeschylus. But Taplow was not interested in the play at all. At, this he also told mimicking Mrs. Harris that he hated being liked by his students.

Question 2.
Describe the meeting between Millie and Frank.
It seems that Taplow studies in a residential school where Mr. Crocker-Harris is a Latin language teacher and Mr. Frank is a science teacher. As the play opens we see Frank sitting where Taplow enters. Both are unfamiliar to each other. Later it turns out that Taplow had come to do some extra work with Mr. Crocker-Harris who is presently absent. They were busy in a sort of conversation, just then Millie i.e. Mrs. Crocker-Harris arrives carrying a shopping basket.

Evidently she has returned from shopping (of groceries). As she sees Frank, Frank wishper but she greets him rather coldly. She just utters the word ‘hullo’, as if just for formality-sake. Her face remains cold and expressionless. Then she turns to Taplow and confirms his purpose of coming there. She seems to be a rather practical woman. She doesn’t tell any further with Frank. It seems she has still to learn the general norms of hospitality.

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