How to Fix a Corrupted Recycle Bin in Windows?

Fix Windows Recycle Bin

1. Click the Start button.
2. Select the Computer.
3. Press the Alt button on your keyboard to get the Menu to appear.
4. Click Tools and select Folder Options.
5. Select the View tab.
6. Under Hidden files and folders, make sure the Show hidden files and folders radio button is selected. Make sure the Hide protected operating system files check box is unchecked.
7. Click OK.
Now you’re ready to work on the Recycle Bin.
1. Select your C: drive (if your PC is running more than one OS, select the drive That Windows was installed on).
2. Find $Recycle.Bin.
3. Delete $Recycle.Bin by right-clicking the file and selecting Delete.
4. When asked if you want to permanently delete this folder, click Yes.
5. When asked to confirm the action, click the Continue button.
6. When the UAC prompt appears, click the Continue button.
7. When asked if you want to permanently delete this folder, click Yes.
8. The Delete File dialog will appear, check the Do this for all current items checkbox and click the
Yes, button. By clicking the checkbox, you will avoid having to confirm the deletion of each file.
After the deletion process has completed, restart your computer. When the system has restarted, the Recycle Bin will be fully functional once again. You can now go back to Folder Options and return the viewing of hidden files to their default settings.

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